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Here are some of our latest and finest portfolio projects

Echo Package Website Design

Echo package is a logistics company looking to blend the services of a messenger and shipper. Goal is to send monthly care packages on behalf of families in Saudi Arabia to their loved ones specifically students in the United States. Care packages could be in the form of provisions, toiletries, fashion items, medication, stationery, and books.

Mrs. John L. Strong Website Re-design

Mrs. John L. Strong was founded in 1929 by Flora Strong and today upholds the tradition of handcrafting the finest stationery of the highest quality for discerning customers. Each piece takes hours of craftsmanship to produce as the brand still employs old world techniques, including hand engraving, hand bordering of each card, hand lining each envelope and hand finishing each order produced. In a fast-paced world of digital communication, Mrs. John L. Strong still upholds the tradition of the written word and offers a range of Ready to Write™ stationery as well as bespoke so clients can choose which style suits them best.

JustBreatheForVets Website Design

JUST BREATHE is designed to raise awareness of the powers of deep breathing techniques, mindfulness and yoga to promote healing and restore health,” explained Mitchell, who is the son of a veteran. “Our simple message of this campaign is that we all take some 21,000 breaths a day, so let’s all make one of those breaths count on behalf of veterans whose lives are being altered by PTSD, TBI and other disorders.

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