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Venuing Inc is an NYC digital marketing agency that will help you transform the challenges of marketing in the digital age, into opportunities for high performance. We understand that every organization is at a different level of digital marketing maturity. So we work with you to assess your current digital marketing environment and understand your specific needs – whether the focus is on efficiency through industrialization or on effectiveness through innovation & analytics, or somewhere in between. In today’s environment, remaining relevant to your customers means everything, and it is essential to maximizing digital marketing performance.


Relevance is the critical differentiating factor in today’s marketing world. Relevance requires acting on data insights, customizing messages to consumer segments and making adjustments – all in real time. Venuing will help you transform the digital age challenges of marketing into opportunities for high performance.

We fuse consumer analytics, technology platforms and world class marketing talent to enable insight based experiences to differentiate you from the competition. Our work is what will make you different.

For Sports

What we did

Created an engaging second screen experience promoting debate and discussion during milestones in the sporting calendar.

Why we did it

By creating a community of like-minded sports fans with former and current College and NFL athletes, pop-up social networks were formed. This opened up new lines of communication between the fans and the athletes they admire.

How we did it

Sometimes being on location of an event isn’t enough. With the right tools at your disposal; such as mobile apps and micro-sites integrated with existing social media platforms, you can be anywhere you want through synthetic-feel technology.

The impacts

Generated unique content through discussion and debate. Created new social communities of like-minded individuals. Gave sports fans the ability to reach out and talk to athletes who were previously unreachable.


For Retail

What we did

It all boils down to expanding reach via increased traffic and incremental sales growth.

Why we did it

 To increase sales per square foot, translating to an increased price per square foot.

How we did it

A mobile application alone is great, but when integrated into a full-scale social media campaign and through websites, platform efficiency is created by capturing consumer information and transitioning from traditional methods to new-age digital.

The impacts

Heat mapping via geo-location to log high traffic areas. Data aggregation to know what consumers want and to detect trends early. Added value to tenant brands through custom report generation and campaign awareness. Increased value per square foot for property owner.

For Lifestyle

What we did

Created a new social media platform that connects professional bloggers with their followers using a more interactive discussion board.

Why we did it

Instead of fans and followers throwing their opinions and questions into the social media atmosphere in hopes of the small chance the interaction with the professional will exist, our social media platform makes it easier for both parties; professional bloggers and followers, to truly know one another in a spam free space.

How we did it

Using the mobile app and micro-site, professional bloggers will be able to quickly and easily add content to their individual profile to expand their brand’s reach.

The impacts

Providing professionals with a tool to more efficiently connect with their followers. Giving followers that feeling of true interaction that other forms of social media simply cannot provide. Opening the door to meaningful conversations between professionals and their followers.


Preston Bailey

Preston Bailey 600x318

What we did

Preston Bailey is an award winning event designer. He is renowned for his breathtaking weddings , unique floral designs, centerpieces, floral artistry and table settings and the website needs to reflect the same luxury that he provides.

Why we did it

When we first met Preston, his website, like most sites, resembled a passive brochure site and did not actively engage his clients, even though weddings are parties are deeply personal and highly involved occasions. Our vision for prestonbailey.com involved moving it away from a typical website and turning it into an active social port that allows prospects and clients to become part of the process of planning and organizing his or her big event. 

How we did it

To enable this unique experience we added; three blogs, four channels, a portfolio site, games and a before & after tool. We came up with the “Before & After” tool to showcase how only Preston can take an ordinary, everyday location and transform it into a magical oasis. It is the most popular feature on the website. 

The impacts

Created and grew Preston’s global presence. 


Atlanta Falcons

Atlanta Falcons 600x318

What We Did

Built and developed a proprietary social content engine that: aggregates, organizes and presents social content in real-time, and simplifies the process of publishing content to the site.

Why we did it

Based on a long term relationship with the Falcons, we noticed a weakness in their Content Management System (CMS) that made it complex and time-consuming to manage the vast volume of content they generate on an ongoing basis. So we pitched them our idea to develop and build a more intelligent CMS. 

How we did it

Our social engine uses a custom algorithm with intelligent business logic to automatically match editorial content with the most relevant images and/or video and surface it to the site. This means their content editor no longer has to do this manually. Another great advantage of our engine is that, unlike other CMS’s, there is no re-training or re-learning required. Contributors can post where and how they normally do and our engine will retrieve the content from each location.

The impacts

The engine continuously pulls millions of bits of content from Flickr, YouTube, SmugMug, Twitter, Brightcove and all other related blogs. After the pull, it indexes and presents it as searchable material in real-time on the homepage. Note – all NFL team sites have been centralized and are now managed by the NFL. 



Paire 600x318

What We Did

Created a unique site experience combining WordPress and Magento.

Why we did it

Luxury is not always a product; sometimes, luxury is a state-of-mind and an experience. At Paire, an online boutique concept, luxury is unparalleled selection of statement designer jewelry curated to both stimulate and satisfy shopping desires. The online experience needs to reflect these personalities. 

How we did it

We worked with Paire to refine their business goals, define their target market and conducted a brand workshop to develop a unique positioning for the brand. We used WordPress to build the experiential and editorial aspects of the site. We created individual designer pages with histories, inspirations and videos; ensuring that the Paire brand was not getting overwhelmed. We built the e-commerce store on Magento; adding a number of custom features beyond the basic functionality. This included; a CIM module to allow customers to manage Credit Cards, Authorize.net payment gateway, gift card feature, Zoom tool and a custom inventory management feature. The final challenge entailed integrating these two very different platforms into one seamless customer experience.

The impacts

The result was a rich and immersive shopping experience that is not only unique in the category, but completely differentiates Paire from its competitors.

Our Services

The right choices lead to the right results.

We understand that every organization is at a different level of digital marketing maturity. So we work with you to assess your current digital marketing environment and understand your specific needs.

Whether the focus is on efficiency through industrialization, effectiveness through innovation and analytics, or somewhere in between, we’ll help you maximize digital marketing performance.


Design & Development

Extending your brand’s accessibility to consumers.

  • Responsive Designs
  • Strategic Audits
  • E-Commerce Platforms
  • Promotional Microsites
  • Design & Development
  • Information Architecture
  • Wireframing
  • Content Management Systems


Digital Advertising

Promoting your brand’s services & presence

  • Content Development
  • E-mail Campaigns
  • Video Production
  • Reporting & Analytics
  • Display Advertising
  • Concept & Creation
  • Microsites & Landing Pages
  • Banners & Media



Tailoring to your business goals and priorities.

  • Brand Development
  • Messaging Strategies
  • Advertising Plans
  • Setting Measurements of Success
  • Revenue Goals
  • Usability Testing
  • Focus Groups
  • Audience Analysis



Maximizing customer relevancy and response.

  • Reporting & Analytics
  • Rewards Programs
  • Game Management
  • Strategic Campaign Creation
  • Creative Development & Execution
  • Event Management


Social Marketing

Building and sustaining brand trust and reputation.

  • Social Media Press Releases
  • Video Creation & Distribution
  • In-depth Analytics, Reporting & Optimization
  • Strategic Campaign Creation & Implementation
  • Facebook Media Campaigns
  • Twitter Media Campaigns
  • Influencer Outreach
  • Social Media Management






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New Sports Chat App “Venuing Live Launched

Venuing Inc has today launched its new sports app to connect fans directly to athletes, enabling anyone to access Venuing’s live coverage of sporting events and network of collegiate and professional athletes.

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Yuma Center Launches New Mobile App

Inland Continental Property Management Corp. today announced the launch of a new mobile application designed to enhance customer engagement with retailers at Yuma Palms Regional Center, a 1 million-square-foot shopping destination in Yuma, Ariz. Named after the center, the Yuma Palms Regional Center mobile app, designed and implemented by Venuing Inc., aims to provide rich, interactive content and promotional offers to engage local consumers.

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Partnership With 2Five Sports Announced

Venuing Inc. is proud to announce a partnership with 2Five Sports. Mark Collins (Founder & CEO and 2-time NYG Super Bowl Champion) started the company to provide high school student athletes with an online platform to showcase themselves, and their athletic talents, to collegiate coaches across the United States.

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